If you are on the lookout for a storage cabinet for your bathroom but are unsure as to what type to purchase, then why not try a tall bathroom cabinet?

We will discuss the advantages of having a tall bathroom cabinet in your bathroom. There are many types and styles of bathroom cabinets on the market, but the most suitable type, in our opinion, is a tall one. We will outline our reasons for this and give you ideas as to where to locate tall bathroom cabinets. By the time you have finished reading, you will be able to shop with confidence for a bathroom cabinet for your home.

As we mentioned, bathroom cabinets come in many shapes. For proper utilization of floor space in a bathroom, however, a tall cabinet makes the most sense. For some reason, builders find the easiest way to save space when they are building a residence, or an apartment is to cut down on the floor space of the bathroom. We find that most people that purchase residences will complain that their bathroom would be nicer if it was only a bit bigger. Well, there is not a lot you can do about the size of your bathroom, but you can be clever in the way you furnish it. Make the most of your floor space by putting in place a tall bathroom storage cabinet.

A tall cabinet will fit in locations in your bathroom that you would not be able to place a squat cabinet. Often you will see that there is a smallish space between the toilet and the wall. This is not usually a big area, but a tall narrow bathroom cabinet will fit there and therefore will free up the rest of the floor area. In a small bathroom, it is essential to make the most of every square inch of floor area.

If you do install an attractive cabinet in your bathroom, then you will be able to store a lot of your bathroom accessories, make-up, cleaning products, and medicines out of sight from visitors that may wish to make use of your facilities. There is nothing worse than having all of your private stuff on display on your bathroom sinks, for all of humanity to see and inspect. You need a large cabinet for everything and a tall cabinet fits that bill.

You might want a tall bathroom cabinet for your accessories or you might want a tall bathroom linen cabinet for towels and face cloths. Whatever you want a bathroom cabinet for, make sure it is a tall one.

More Storage Space with a Tall Bathroom Cabinets

For those people looking to add some storage space to their bathroom, the tall bathroom cabinet is one way to do that.

The tall size is created to make optimum use of the often limited space available in a bathroom. The units are designed to be thinner in width, but taller in height. The pieces can be purchased made of different materials such as stainless steel or wood. The stainless steel units work well in a bath area because they are resistant to water damage or mold and mildew. They are also very easy to maintain by wiping down with a damp cloth.

The styles of the cabinet also referred to as a tallboy, can feature door pieces and drawers. Some designs have a top and bottom door with a handle pull and a drawer in the center of the unit. The insides of these items have shelving space where you can easily store a lot of different items. The shelves are made to accommodate bottles such as shampoos and lotions as well as towels and other bathroom necessities. Some of the more decorative products also include a front door mirror, which can benefit those areas that do not have a traditional mirrored medicine cabinet.

Another variation for the exterior of the door-enclosed models is the towel bar. These cabinets include several external metal bars for use in hanging up towels or other items that you want to hang such as trousers. There is also a style of the tall unit that is created to be open. This item has many shelves but does not come with front doors to close them off. You can find these pieces available as single flat wall or corner items. They are created to hold a lot of your bathroom accessories while making the most efficient use of space.

When shopping for this type of piece for your bathroom you will see some units that can be hung on a wall. While most of the models of the tallboy unit are made to be placed on the floor, there are a few products that can be hung on the wall. This can be beneficial if you have limited floor space available. Sometimes it is easier to place an item on the wall close to a toilet or bathroom sink rather than taking up more floor space. Whether you install the wall unit or the floor cabinet, you will enjoy having the added luxury of having all your bath items available in the bathroom where you want them.

Tall Bathroom Cabinets As Design Features

Finding places for all the toiletries and washroom accessories in a small bathroom poses problems when there is little existing cabinet space.

The same is true in a larger bathroom if it was not designed well, or the individual needs of the owner require additional storage. Fortunately, cabinet storage solutions exist which are easy to add to the existing space without losing a minute of bathroom time.

Tall Space Saving Cabinets

For an efficient storage solution, which does not need to be installed, a tower cabinet, or tall bathroom cabinet is ideal. There are many different pieces made with various configurations of shelving and upper/lower cabinet space, and the narrow footprint works well in a corner if the floor area is limited. Although this would be perfect in a guest bath, it also works as a quick and attractive solution for any other bathroom.

Tower style furniture for the bath often stands between six and eight feet tall, and from 18 to 24 inches wide. However, it offers ample volume to hold extra toilet paper rolls or hand towels on the shelves, while typically providing at least one roll-out drawer for personal hygiene items. Wide-open closed cabinet space fits extra shampoo, soap, and cleaning supplies.

Storage and Design

Shopping for tall cabinets will reveal a style of furniture and paint for every room. From distressed espresso and gentle colonial accents to sharp lines and stark white, and even plantation-style shuttered cabinet doors; there is a style for everyone.

As with all furniture, prices vary with materials and manufacturing quality. A hand-built oak framed cabinet with beautiful cabinet door hinges and superior construction may run over $1000 dollars, while a factory-made unit with a mahogany veneer can cost less than $300.

Choosing Furniture to Match

With the slim size of these cabinets, it is possible to use more than one, and while they will look great in the same finish, they also need to complement the existing décor of the bathroom. Contemporary faucets and other bath hardware will require a cabinet with modern streamlined construction.

Fancier hardware will welcome a piece with some flare to the curves or added adornment. Cabinet hardware matching the finish of bath and shower spouts is a simple way to create a uniform flow for the eye and ties the washroom design together.

Always find the best quality for the best price, especially when the furniture is being used in the bathroom. Paying a little more upfront, or searching for the best quality, should pay off with years of additional service.

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